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Okuno's values (Inorganic Materials)

GLASS COLOR (Okuno’s glass enamels for firing) is widely used for glass bottles, cups, and car-, train-windows. Okuno has secured 100% market share in drink bottles. We also have an overwhelming share in car window glass.

We have developed many glass materials for capacitors, sensors, resistors in electronic devices and solar batteries. You can find that our technology is very useful in semiconductors as electrode protective layers, sintering aids for metallic powder or hermetic seal.

Temperature in production or actual working, demanded performance, the coefficient of thermal expansion…, we can solve all of your problems. We are committed to suggest the best glass materials, melting and powdering methods that meet all the conditions. We have a department for metal finishing so you will obtain new ideas about the combination of glass and metal finishing.

We promise to meet your requests from trial to mass production so please contact OKUNO about all glass.

Okuno's values

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